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Subject: He scores, he shoots! pt.1DISCLAIMER: this Max Lolita Bbs story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal
knowledge about their private lives.Raffi Torres stepped off the ice and onto the players bench. Although a
chill hung in the air of Glendale Arena, sweat ran in hot rivulets from his
neck, down his chest. He could feel the cold in his lungs as he inhaled.
He looked around at the empty arena, imagining it full of loud and rowdy
fans, but this was Phoenix, where they never sold out. He idly wondered why
they moved here from Winnipeg in the first place. As he sat down he watched
his teammates climb over the bench onto the ice.They had been at practice for nearly two hours, and Raffi could feel gradual
exhaustion make its way throughout his body. He stole a quick Max Lolita Bbs glance at
backup goalie Ty Conklin, who was sitting at the far right side, and smiled
when their eyes connected. Ty had suffered a broken wrist a few months ago,
but thanks to vigourous training he had healed swiftly, and right now he was
the biggest reason why the Edmonton Oilers made a shocking turnaround and
were now comfortably sitting in a playoff spot. Raffi smirked as he thought
of the Calgary Flames, who were now suffering through a spectacular 14-game
winless skid and were sulking in 12th place.Raffi was lost in his own thoughts until the coach's whistle made him jerk
his head toward the ice and pay attention to what was going on."That's it guys," Coach MacTavish called. "We've turned things around on
special teams and I'm glad to see we've been playing the game as a cohesive
unit now. And it's about damn time! I want you all to remember the
practice we did on the point for the special teams for later - our
opposition is out, but they're still nothing to be scoffed at and we want to
put as much distance between us and them as possible. Good jobs guys, hit
the showers."Raffi ran his hands under his jersey onto the sore spot on his belly where a
hard shot from Stoll had hit him earlier. He groaned as his fingers lightly
grazed it. His breath caught in his throat as he slowly rubbed it, trying
to will away the pain in his mind.Ty had noticed Raffi was still on the bench, and with a roll of his eyes, he
skated back. Raffi flinched when he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked
up. It was Ty. Raffi was tired, he didn't even realize everyone was
already in the visitor's room.Ty gave him a funny smirk. "Ha. Man you are jumpy today. It's time to
go." He gestured around the bench with a cute jerk of his head.
"Everyone's gone." Ty patted his shoulder, then skated back, and Raffi felt
shivers go down his shoulders into his spine. He had always wanted Ty ever
since he had come from Bridgeport and made his debut with Hamilton. He
could still remember the heat between them as they showered next Max Lolita Bbs to each
other after a big win in the AHL playoffs. He sighed. This was the NHL,
and any heat they might have had between them was now a foregone conclusion,
or his own delusions.Without a word, Raffi made his way off the ice, into the visitors dressing
room, and began to strip off his wet equipment. He ignored all the chatter
in the room about tonight's game. The cool air on his hot muscles felt Max Lolita Bbs
as he toweled off his chiseled body. Raffi was 23 years old, 6 feet and 210
lbs. of pure muscle. His hair was a mix of red and dark blonde, and he had
big round brown expressive eyes that made most girls stutter. Too bad I
don't like fucking girls, Raffi thought to himself. He laughed darkly.It was hard for him to make a conscious effort not to ogle his fellow
teammates and pop an erection. Raffi was an exceptionally good-looking
young man, and he knew it. He also knew he played with one of the NHL's
youngest teams, resulting in a roster full of incredibly hot men, and there
were many times he had to jump into a cold shower right away to avoid any
potentially embarrassing situation. He stole a glance at Ethan Moreau's
beautifully built ass before toweling off the rest of the sweat that made
his body shine with a slick sheen.Raffi had taken so long and had gotten so lost in his own thoughts that most
of the team was already dressed and gone. Brad Isbister was just walking
out the door, and at the far end of the room sat Ty and Tommy Salo. They
were discussing rebound control of other NHL goalies. Tommy rose and said
goodbye, and gave Raffi a smile and a pat on his muscular back as he
departed, leaving Raffi and Ty alone.Raffi was surprised that Ty wasn't even completely undressed yet. Ty was
still in the process of getting his shoulder pads off, which was the only
thing besides his Max Lolita Bbs tight white jock he still wore. Ty had just turned 28
last week, and had striking blue eyes and curly brown hair. He was 6 feet
and 180 lbs, and in Raffi's opinion, one of the most handsome men he had
ever seen. More often than not Raffi caught himself checking out Ty's ass,
wishing he feel it with his hands or grind his cock against it. Raffi stood
naked in front of his locker and winked at Ty, then hurriedly walked into
the shower room with his towel draped over his shoulder.Raffi hung his towel on a peg by the entrance and made his way to the closet
knob. He grasped it and turned it to the right. He sighed with pleasure as
hot water cascaded down his muscles. He felt the exhaustion melting away as
he soaped up his young body. His eyes closed, his hands worked their way
from his chest down to his stomach. He rubbed the soap across the
neatly-trimmed hair on his crotch. He heard footsteps and stole a look to
his left.Raffi smiled. "Quit sneaking around like that, Ty!", he said in a quiet,
but deep, sexy voice. "That's the second time you almost gave me a heart
attack!"Ty grinned at him as he made his way to the showerhead beside his. "It's
not my fault you're a jumpy little kid today", he said with a shrug as his
hands drifted toward the knob. Ty's eyes closed as the water began to spray
his muscled, lean frame. Raffi caught himself staring at Ty's cock just as
Ty opened one eye. Ty grinned again. Raffi quickly looked away, pretending
he was looking down at his own body.Raffi shook his head to himself in admonishment. 'What Max Lolita Bbs am I doing!' he
thought. He could feel his cock stir, and turned to the side so all Ty
could see was Max Lolita Bbs his ass and not his dick, which was growing bigger by the
second. Raffi began to feel nervous. He was always in control of his
body's impulses, he didn't know what was wrong this time. He soaped his
raging hardon, hoping that it would make it subside, but to his horror his
dick only got harder. He could feel it throb in his slippery hands.Raffi gasped through his teeth - he felt Ty's hands at his sides. "What the
fuck are you doing Ty?" Raffi demanded. He felt a shiver go down his spine
as Ty moved his body closer. Raffi could feel Ty's dick pressing into his
ass. Raffi gritted his teeth as he resisted to ugre to bend over and let Ty
have his way with him. Raffi was always a top when he fucked other men, but
he would have bottomed for Ty at that precise moment."What am I doing? You want it from me so badly, you can taste it. I can
tell", Ty whispered into Raffi's ear. "I won't hide it anymore and neither
should you. I know that you've wanted me ever since we played in Hamilton
together. All I'm doing is letting you know that I want you to fuck my
brains out". Raffi's eyes went wide as he licked his lips. Ty's tongue
poked at Raffi's earlobe, making him cry out with pleasure. Ty ran his
tongue down Raffi's neck, and kissed the muscles on his built upper back
while massaging his ass with his free hands. Raffi stroked his dick harder.
Faster. He felt Max Lolita Bbs Ty's left hand slide around from his ass to Raffi's
balls, and he shook as Ty lightly pulled them. Ty's tongue lingered
teasingly on Raffi's lower back for a few seconds. "Turn around, stud", Ty
demanded. Raffi obliged, and soon found himself looking down at his erect
prick in front of Ty's smirking face. The water from the shower made their
bodies slick. With a deliberatly teasing look right into his eyes, Ty
slowly poked out his tongue and Raffi gasped as it made contact with the
head of his hard cock."Fuck yes," Raffi moaned. "I...I need you..."Ty bought his head up and he stopped what he was doing. He looked up at
Raffi with a mischevious grin. "Need what?" Ty asked in a sly voice. "Tell
me what you need."Raffi grinned with his eyes closed. "I need you to...I want you to suck!
Please!" He thrust his hips forward but Ty moved his head down."Suck what?", Ty asked innocently. "I can think of alot of things to suck".
With that, he ran his tongue down Raffi's throbbing shaft and closed his
mouth around half of Raffi's sack and began to suck gently.Raffi laughed out loud and wanted to yell with pleasure. "No you jerkoff!"
Raffi laughed. "My dick!" Suck my dick! Please, Ty!" Raffi bought his
strong hands down and ran them through Ty's curly, wet brown hair and guided
his head towards his raging erection."You could have just said so in the first place!" Ty said in an annoyed
voice. With a big smile, he looked right at Raffi as he licked the head of
his cock before finally closing his mouth around it.Raffi thrusted his hips back and forth slowly. "Ah...fuck yes!" Raffi
groaned. "Your hot mouth feels so good". Ty looked up into Raffi's eyes as
sucked, and smiled like there was nothing else he'd rather be doing than
sucking Raffi off. Raffi began to gyrate his hips from side to side trying
a little variety in how he fucked Ty's face, sometimes even feeling Ty's
nose in his pubes while his dick was deep in Ty's throat. "Mmmmmm" Raffi
groaned. Raffi grunted and moaned as Ty sucked. He lost track of time. It
must have been 10 minutes already.Raffi immediately pullled out. Footsteps!"Hey what gives!" Ty complained loudly."Ssssh Ty!" Raffi whispered harshly. "Someone's coming" Raffi said much
more gently. Ty nodded in understanding. He got up quickly and grabbed his
towel. Before Ty was out of the shower room, he looked back at Raffi and
winked while running his tongue across his lips. Raffi could feel his heart
still pounding. He heard voices in the changing room."What in the hell is taking you so long!" someone asked. It sounded like
Ryan Smyth, who was the new Captain of the team, ever since Jason Smith got
traded to the Islanders for Dave Scatchard. Smyth was a great Captain, he
had been wearing the 'C' for only two weeks, Max Lolita Bbs but the Oilers were undefeated
during that stretch."Man, I must have lost track of time, I'm sorry!" Ty answered."Well, make it quick guys", Ryan called - he must know Raffi was still in
here Max Lolita Bbs
too he realized - "because we're not the only ones using this arena.
We got a minor league team practicing here in 15 minutes! Let's hurry it up
fellas!" Good old Ryan, he was never rude when issuing his demands. Raffi
wondered why Smyth wasn't named Captain way earlier. He knew Ryan suspected
nothing between himself and Ty.Raffi turned off both showers and toweled off a bit before heading back into
the change room, smiling. Ty grinned at him. He was already dressed.
"Need some help getting those clothes on?" Ty asked. Raffi smiled as he
pulled up his tighty-whities. "I want us to meet later in my room, Raffi"
Ty said in a serious voice. "After the game." Ty walked up to him as he
was pulling up the zipper on his pants. "I want you to fuck me all night
long before we leave this dump of a city tomorrow afternoon." Ty's blue
eyes were intense. Raffi laughed, they did not like Phoenix at all. It was
way too hot - way different from the kind of environment they were used to
in Edmonton. Hockey in the desert - pshaw!Raffi exhaled audibly; he knew that goalies always had a room to themselves
for some reason. Probably for psychological reasons. Lucky bastards.
Raffi had to share a room with Marty Reasoner, who he often fantasized about
but could never even think about fucking. He had a lovely wife, Raffi
reminded himself as he rolled his eyes. Bitch. "You know I'll be there,
you fucking hot stud" Raffi said in a provocative voice Max Lolita Bbs as he pulled his
sweater over his head. "I'll fuck you as fast and as hard as long as you
want me to". Raffi winked at Ty as they stepped out.
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